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Poetry for Children

The Slab's Life

Listen to A.F. Harrold read his poem ...
What a rotten life to be
a paving slab.

Your head gets trodden on
and your bottom’s muddy.

Slugs leave their mark on you
in the cold, damp night.

As soon as the sun warms you up
a cat rolls on your face,

making you sneeze,
if you are allergic to cats
(which some slabs probably are).

No one says hello to you.
And no one offers to take you indoors

to sit by the fire when it rains.
Not even offer an umbrella.

No wonder
this wonky paving slab

just tripped up

About the Writer

AF Harrold

A.F. Harrold is an author, poet and performer who regularly shows off the odd things he does with words on stage and page. His latest poetry collection is a collaboration with renowned picture book creator Mini Grey, called The Book of Not Entirely Useful Advice. You can find him at