The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Shyest Kid in Class

Miss Quigley asks a question,
Ben answers, bold as brass.
I sink lower in my chair:
The Shyest Kid in Class.

Jemima leans towards me:
‘How do you spell glass?’
I blush and shrug my shoulders:
The Shyest Kid in Class.

At break, the new boy nears me,
I turn and let him pass.
I wish I was more confident:
The Shyest Kid in Class.

At home-time, Claire yells out to me.
Head down, I scurry past.
I don’t mean to ignore her call:
The Shyest Kid in Class.

Back home, the front door closes,
and I’m a MEGAPHONE!
Mum pleads for me to quieten down:
The Loudest Kid at Home!

About the Writer

Sue Lancaster

Sue is a children's writer living in South West London with her husband, two children and pet budgie, Buddy. Before turning her hand to writing, Sue worked in TV as a Production Manager and got her degree in Media Studies at the University of East London. She grew up in Clacton on the coast of Essex and spent much of her childhood writing stories and poems, playing with her three cats, and being tormented by her two older brothers.