The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Poem That Wouldn’t Stop Finishing My Sentences

The sun woke up in the sky
and shone over One single hedgehog.
I was going to say, “for a countless time”.

Anyway. The birds stretched feathered wings
and sang As It Was by Harry Styles.
Um, no, “of mystical, ancient things”.

The sea moved quietly against the sand,
the fish Ate salt and vinegar crisps.
Ahem, “dreamed of a life on land”.

The trees stood strong, silently
holding on to Three juggling balls and a chicken.
Sorry, yes, of course.

The sun woke up in the sky
to remind us of the power of time
and the importance of Gravy on a pie.
To be fair, that line’s better than mine.

About the Writer

Carl Burkitt

Carl likes telling tales. He tells long tales, short tales, silly tales, sad tales. He tells them online, behind a mic, in books, in schools, and on the sofa with his young family. His debut kids’ collection, Elephants Sleep in Bunk Beds, was published by Beir Bua in 2021.