The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Pageant

Miss Gallagher insisted
We give nothing but perfection.
The play must be a masterpiece
With no need for correction.

Jeannine was cast as Mary,
And she radiated calm
In hues of blues, her voice imbued
Respect in every psalm.

John debuted his talent
As a drummer fit for kings.
His gift was pure with the allure
Of rhythmic angel wings.

The Wiseman were portrayed
By Tom and Christopher
And Paul bringing his offering
Of woodsy, amber myrrh.

I played the vital role
Of Stage and Prop Arranger.
I hope nobody noticed
I forgot to build a manager.

About the Writer

Christine Hennigan

Christine loves to make people laugh, even if it gets her into trouble. She has worked with kids of all ages as a teacher and mental health counselor. She lives in Monmouth County, NJ, with her husband, daughter, and kitty. You can follow her online at @clappingoffbeatpoetry