The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Ocean’s Evening Gown

The tide unravels on the shore.
She drags her skirts across the floor,

and when her frothing petticoat
begins to catch, she makes it float

again with a defiant tug.
She looks behind her with a shrug,

abandoning translucent weeds
that edged her hem like strings of beads

and see-through quivering jellyfish.
Then with a final, flippant swish

she turns and swirls her satin down
into the deep where sunbeams drown.

About the Writer

Hilary Biehl

Hilary Biehl writes poems for both children and grownups. Her work has appeared in such places as Able Muse, Mezzo Cammin, and Light. Knitting, cats and tea are some of her favorite things. She lives in New Mexico with her husband and son.