The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Ocean Sunfish

If you should roam the ocean
through all the seven seas
you'd find the Ocean Sunfish
in everyone of these.

Their fins are top and bottom
oddly shaped and flattish.
Ruffled clavus pseudo tail,
rudder rather lavish.

Canoe-like mola mola
uses fins like paddles
no other fish swims like this
moving as if addled.

This fish can never close its mouth
its teeth are fused together.
So bony, solid like a beak
no matter what the weather.

From the briny ocean deep
to surface, like a dish
soaks up the sunshine heartily
rechargeable, this fish!

Some people say this fishy round
looks like a swimming head–
spooky, disembodied
filling some with dread.

This large and weighty creature
can leap out of the sea.
Oh please dear Ocean Sunfish
do not leap on me!

About the Writer

Linda Trott Dickman

Linda Trott Dickman is an award winning poet, author of four chapbooks. Her work has been featured in anthologies locally and internationally in print and online. She is the coordinator of poetry for the Northport Arts Coalition. Linda works with poets of all ages, at the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association, local museums, and leads a poetry workshop at Samantha’s Li’l Bit O’ Heaven coffee house. Her great joy is working with children. Linda is from Long Island, NY, USA.