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Poetry for Children

The Nightmare Express

Listen to Julie's poem ...
The Nightmare Express creeps into your dreams
trailing a ghostly, grey plume
on a sinister, menacing, ominous quest
fuelled by misery, worry and doom.

The Nightmare Express wants to take you
on a journey through your darkest fears.
Wide, frightened eyes at the window rush by.
You can scream but no one will hear.

The Nightmare Express never falters
as it slithers along on the tracks.
It will tease you, taunt you and tempt you on board
but it will never bring you back.

About the Writer

Julie Anna Douglas

Julie has been writing poems for as long as she can remember and many of them have found homes is beautiful magazines like The Caterpillar, Ladybug and Spider and in poetry collections by The Emma Press and MacMillan Publishing. She particularly enjoys combining poetry and art in workshops for children and her first poetry collection 'Painting Poems' illustrated by Jools Wilson is full of colourful poetry and creative ideas. Her next book is full of poetry maps and will be out soon!