The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The New Library

Library open
New book smell
Inhaaaaaaaale, shhhhhhhhhh!
It casts its spell

Bright covers
Unruffled pages
Comfy seats
I’ll be here ages

Unknown authors
To explore
Curiosity piqued
Now I want more

Endless choices
Intriguing titles
Quiet reading
Of different writers

Story engrossing
Intricate plot
Characters emerging
I really can’t stop

Library heartbeat
Ticking clock
Silent hands work
shelves restocked

Pages whisper,
Spines crack
Bookmarks inserted
Readers come back

Sunlight catches
Dusty motes
Shadows lengthen
The Library is closed

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Kit is a primary teacher, enthusiastic reader and creative writer. Time with her class during lock-down (Badgers, you know who you are!) was the kick-start needed to take writing more seriously. Kit is now a librarian and spends a lot of time writing and uniting children with the book that will be ‘The One’ to convert them into avid readers.