The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Most Colourful Spectrum

My mind, it exists on a spectrum, you see?
It’s different and colourful … at least for me
Now, colours are best in a rainbow, you know?
All lined up correctly, in order - just so

When people talk fast, all my colours mix in
Kaleidoscope colours send me in a spin
Emotions I feel a bit different to you
My colours adopt a much deeper, rich hue

I jump and I flap with excited bright tones
Emotion’s intensely felt deep in my bones
My shades become light when I’m calm, in routine
Familiar things feel like clockwork machines

My colours can bleed altogether and run
When senses are overwhelmed, it’s just no fun
My colours fly high when I pass all my maths
And monochrome games I just love: chess and draughts

I’m different than most, but I’m who I should be
I’m proud of my true colours- they make me, ME!

About the Writer

Kirsty Tomlin

Kirsty writes and illustrates picture books, short stories and poems for children. She lives in beautiful Derbyshire with her three children and husband. She has been a primary school teacher in a past life and has worked for a number of children’s charities. When she is not writing and drawing, she can be found walking, playing, throwing stones in the river and reading to her lovely children.