The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine

We heard the buzzing before we saw him
It quickly became louder and louder.
Was it the next door Grandpa on his lawnmower?
A scooter day tripper to the beach?
A giant bluebottle trapped at the window?
Or was it Superman?

He soared up, up, up
And swooped down, down, down
Gliding over the bay
Like a droning duck.

Who was this man of mystery?
Where had he come from?
Where was he going?
And when would he be back this way?
The star attraction at our private Air Show
Had gone as soon as he appeared
Buzzing off into the horizon
To brighten someone else’s day.

About the Writer

Morna Sullivan

Morna Sullivan has always had a love of stories. She is a member of the Coney Island Writers Group and a SCWBI member in Belfast. While chasing that elusive publishing deal, she also expresses herself creatively through baking, gardening, crafts and photography.