The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Magic

Listen to Lisa's poem ... read by JH
I am the magic that swirls in the night,
the shape of a shadow that slinks out of sight,
the trouble that bubbles and builds to a boil,
the steam as it creeps in a slithering coil.

I am the creak of the branches that sway,
the nudge of a breeze as it tugs you away,
the circle of moonlight alone in the sky,
the faraway howl, the footsteps nearby.

I am the tiniest tickle of fear,
the wisp of a whisper that itches your ear,
the goosebump, the shiver, the chill in the air,
the whiff of adventure, the taste of a dare.

I am the darkness in which you delight.
I am the magic of Halloween night!

About the Writer

Lisa Varchol Perron

Lisa Varchol Perron writes children's poetry, picture books, and middle-grade novels. Past and forthcoming publications include Highlights Hello, The Caterpillar, and The School Magazine. She was a finalist in the 2021 Madness! Poetry tournament for children's poets, and her debut picture book is scheduled for spring of 2023. Lisa lives with her family just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.