The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Luggerbug

The greater spotted luggerbug,
less welcome than the common slug,

frequents aristocratic hair
of minor royals in Finisterre,

and has a talent seldom seen
in parasites found in hair cream,

as from within the coiffeured curls,
among the rubies and the pearls,

it sings a snatch of Spanish tunes
to latin rhythms on the spoons,

which drives the upper class insane
upon that north west point of Spain.

About the Writer

Hamnet Banjuhlo

While gazing into a highly polished tablespoon one day, an itinerant lettuce picker disappeared. Three days later, with a new name, he re-emerged with the germ of an idea: a jet pack device for moving cows from field to field, thereby solving at a stroke the problems encountered by many a motorist on country lanes … he also started writing poems.