The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Letter

Listen to Jessica read her poem ...
I got a letter today
I tore it open, fast as I could
I opened a letter today.

I opened a letter today
A favorite friend who moved for good
sent me a letter today.

She sent me a letter today.
A birthday card! I hoped she would!
Read it, please! What does it say?!

She’s thinking of me today,
and someday soon she’ll come to play.
We’ll play all day someday.

I mailed a letter today.
She’ll get it this week (at least she should)
I invited her over today.

My friend is here, hooray!
They drove all the way, I knew she would!
She came to visit today.

About the Writer

Jessica Whipple

Jessica is a writer for adults and children. Her debut picture book titled ENOUGH will be published in Fall 2022 by Tilbury House. She is a contributor to Wildflowers, a creative magazine for girls, and is also a reader for Ember, one of the Empire and Great Jones Little Press literary magazines.