The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Legend of Bouncy Castle

Long ago in days of yore, yesteryear or just before,
a bouncy king did rule the land from in his bouncy castle grand

Life was happy every day in a bouncy kind of way,
every bouncy morning dawning, bouncing out of bed and yawning

Round the bouncy moat he'd float aboard his royal bouncy boat
and bouncy bells would chime the hour from in the bouncy castle tower

Then one dark night a bouncy crook crept into the keep and took
the bouncy mantle, throne and crown, and snuck them out of Bouncy Town

The bouncy king was in despair, he didn't have a thing to wear!
(Without his bouncy crown and cloak, he's just another bouncy bloke)

And with no regal bouncy chair on which to rest his derrière,
the head of state was dead irate, (it took him ages to inflate!)

He saddled up his bouncy steed and set about a bouncy deed
to go and find the bouncy things, owned by bouncy queens and kings

He gathered all his bouncy knights, who'd just returned from bouncy fights
with bouncy dragons breathing fire, in honour of their bouncy sire

They rode across the Bouncy Bridge to the Frozen Lands of the Bouncy Fridge
and sailed across the Bouncy Seas to the Forest of the Bouncy Trees

And down beside a bouncy brook they found the wicked bouncy crook,
he saw the king and tried to run but fell upon his bouncy bum!

They locked him in a bouncy cell, with bouncy bars and walls as well
and thus was held a bouncy ball within the Bouncy Castle hall

The great and good from Bouncy Land bounced about to the bouncy band,
getting down ... and up ... and down ...
to all the latest bouncy sounds

The bouncy king was then announced, and for his royal dance he bounced.
He took his shoes off at the door and bounded round the bouncy floor

Then and there he did declare that bouncy children everywhere
could bounce on castles all the time, to not forget the bouncy crime

And though those bouncy days have gone,
that bouncy spirit still lives on
in every child who's laughter sounds around the Bouncy Castle grounds

And so this ends the tale I've told about the bouncy friends so bold,
whose deeds went down in bouncy lore ...
long ago in days of yore

About the Writer

Dale Neal

Dale has been published online and in print. You will find his work in The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems (Pan Macmillan), My Socks have gone Bonkers (Fantastic Books Publishing), Watcher of the Skies (Emma Press), Guest on the Farm and How to Follow Your Dream (Little Stories: Bedtime Books storytelling app.). He has two children's picture books (My Grandad is an Alien and The Dinosaur and Me) being published in 2022 with Ventorros Press.