The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Leaf Monster

The leaf monster stalks its prey
With eyes of autumn yellow

Slowly stalking ancient paths
Of withered trees below

With cheetah spotted browning scales
That camouflage its hide

It creeps towards the treehouse
With children sat inside

Its teeth are ochre daggers
Its smile a gust of wind
It’s formed of fear
And breathless
A battle you may not win

Its talons grip and tighten
Scraping down the wall of wood

Then spreading out engulfing
Den of tree and children’s screams
Like no other monster could

But its victory is only fleeting
Its over in a flash
As bursting out they charge
A death defying dash

The fearsome leaf beast explodes
An autumnal supernova
Trodden on and trampled
And another playtime over

About the Writer

Daniel Page

Daniel lives in Aylsham, Norfolk, and writes poetry for children about school life, history, science and the natural world. His work has been published in the ‘Places of Poetry’ anthology and several online journals.