The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The King of Christmas

A King with no castle, no money, no throne.
A King with no palace that he could call home.
A King with no weapons, no army, no crown.
A King born by starlight in Bethlehem town.

A King whom the angels called Saviour and Lord.
A King whom the shepherds and wise men adored.
A King who was laid in a manger at birth.
A King with no kingdom to rule while on earth.

A King who would serve, who refused to be served.
A King who declined the acclaim he deserved.
A King who is humble, a King who is kind.
A King offering peace unto all humankind.

King Jesus, whose star has not ceased to shed light,
the King born of Mary that first Christmas night.

About the Writer

Rhona Stephens

Rhona grew up in Northern Ireland, went to university in Wales, moved to England for a while, then headed north of the border to live in Scotland. She loves words and music, living in the country and visiting the coast - especially the north coast of Ireland.