The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Humonger

I’m a humonger,
I sell things enormous,
gargantuan, massive,

The bigger the better,
the larger the funner,
colossal, gigantic,

A mammoth, an ocean,
a mountain or pyramid,
maybe a whale
or a planet,

A castle, a cruise ship,
the island Australia,
dinosaurs and
the Titanic.

My shop overflows
and it strains at the seams
as I try to store
everything neatly.

Although it’s ginormous
I need some more space
to enclose the Pacific

I’m a humonger,
I sell things to fire up
your dreams,
be you older or younger

The bigger the better,
the larger the funner,
there’s nothing too huge
for humongers.

About the Writer

Gillian Spiller

Gillian Spiller is a Scottish poet and children’s author, who has spent many years living and teaching in S-E Asia, E Asia and the Middle East. She is the author of four picture books, The Blue Sock (2019), Star Sailor (2020), On The Shelf (2021) and A Shell for Cleo (2022) by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (Asia). Her poetry for children is available on the British Council’s Learn English Kids website, as well as here on The Dirigible Balloon.