The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Hill Behind My House

Listen to the poem ...
I seek the hillside whatever the season
I follow my secret path to the top
I amble through bracken once green now golden
I walk through woods as acorns drop

I know the best places for hiding and seeking
I avoid the clumped nettles, waiting to sting
I creep past the ruins of the stone cottage
I find the first trees to green each spring

I climb over boulders covered in lichen
I know when the bluebells appear
I watch squirrels bounce past on branches
I roam along paths made by shy wild deer

I found the spot where the snow lingers longest
I hear the wizened oak trees creak
I wander in mist, in rain and in sunshine
I like to be where earth and sky meet

About the Writer

Kathryn Dove

Kathryn writes fiction and poetry for children. She enjoys the alchemy of poetry and seeing how a dash of imagination can transform ordinary life into something surprising and wonderful. She has lived in London and spent a summer working in a small village on the west coast of Scotland. Kathryn now lives with her family in Auckland, New Zealand.