The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Edible Alphabet

Listen to Julie Anna read her poem
Abracadabra Candy. Magician’s first choice sweet.
Big, Big, Bad Bon Bons. A hungry, wolfie treat.
‘Can’t Catch Me Cookies’ for villains on the run.
Disco Dancing marshmallows make any mealtime fun.
Eggs from Planet Splat with a bright purple yolk.
Fizzy, flying fudge flavoured by fairy folk.
Gruesome, ghastly gruel for ghosts in a hurry
Hottest Solar Surprise – A Dragon-Level Curry.
Ice cold Igloo Crush for rosy noses and toes.
Jack’s baked beans on toast. It grows and grows and grows.
Kaleidoscope Cake – swirling, twirling delight.
Luminous lemon lolly, lights up the darkest night.
Mountain of Ice Cream for Giant’s birthday lunch.
Nuts and bolts and nails that robots crush and crunch.
Out-of-this-world Stew no one has ever seen
Poison Apple Pie freshly baked by Evil Queen.
Quick and queasy quiche for seasick pirate crews.
Rotten Rat Ragu that monsters always choose.
Supersonic Scones will zoom off just like that.
Topsy-turvy Tea served in a spotty hat.
Underwater Soup only found in The Octopus Cave.
Volcanic, Erupting Toffee if you are very brave.
Wicked Witch Waffles. Watch out they do attack.
X-ray fish and chips. A superhero snack.
Yodelling yoghurt loves serenading Yetis and
Zingy Zig Zag sauce is best served with spaghetti!

About the Writer

Julie Anna Douglas

Julie has been writing poems for as long as she can remember and many of them have found homes is beautiful magazines like The Caterpillar, Ladybug and Spider and in poetry collections by The Emma Press and MacMillan Publishing. She particularly enjoys combining poetry and art in workshops for children and her first poetry collection 'Painting Poems' illustrated by Jools Wilson is full of colourful poetry and creative ideas. Her next book is full of poetry maps and will be out soon!