The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Easter Beast

Have you met the Easter Beast?
She's been around for many years.
You might have seen her long thin tail,
or her funny bunny ears!

She has yellow, tufty feathers,
all furry like a chick.
With spots of speckled light grey fur
like a lamb's: all soft and thick.

She's dainty and delicate,
much smaller than you and me.
With white, wispy whiskers
and flowers that bloom on one knee!

But this poor beast at Easter time,
sneezes till there's trembles in her legs!
For the Easter Beast she suffers
from an allergy to eggs!
Picture by Gale Ryan
Picture by Gale Ryan

About the Writer

Eleanor Cullen

Eleanor is an MA student with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. She lives in New Brighton and is also a children’s author, since her debut picture book ‘A Match for a Mermaid’ was published in June 2021 after it won an international writing competition. It is illustrated by David Roberts and was published by Pop Up Projects CIC as part of their 10 Stories to Make a Difference Collection.