The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Diver

Standing on the edge
Toes curling under
Arms reaching forward
Hands in prayer
Heart counts down
Knees bend
Board bends
Flight …

And just for a few elastic seconds I feel what it must be
to spread my wings and soar above the world and truly see
To feel the swooping playful joy of being free …

Water catches me
Sinking I sigh
Rising I breathe
Above me the board beckons
Time for another flight.

About the Writer

Ruth Stevenson

Ruth grew up in the Wild West of Ireland telling tall tales and having adventures real and imagined. She enjoys writing stories and poems for children and is a little obsessed with the sea. If she ever grows up she hopes to be a children's writer, but until then she is happy working as a primary school teacher. Her stories have been shortlisted in the Writementor Magazine short story competition and the Searchlight Children's Writers Award and she has featured on several Book Jive Live events. She is currently studying with The Golden Egg Academy.