The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Deep Blue Sky

O Little Penguins, please don’t cry,
and never envy birds that fly.

The silver gull can swoop and glide
but strong winds knock him side to side

while you can tease, in Tasman seas,
the waves of the Antipodes.

You swim with friends, comparing tricks,
adorning dives with twists and flicks.

While eagles soar in empty air
your seas are full of scrumptious fare,

the tasty South Australian dishes:
anchovies, pilchards, jellyfishes!

You too fly high, from deep to top,
like bubbles in a glass of pop.

About the Writer

Michael Tyldesley

Michael lives in Lancashire, England and is the proud father of two little girls named Lucy and Isla. During the daytime, Michael works as a design engineer in the land of submarines. In the evenings and at weekends, he moonlights as a modest poet. His poetry has appeared in Snakeskin and Form in Formless Times chapbook. Michael has performed poetry for The Wordsworth Trust in the Lake District and for Vibe Union in Melbourne, Australia.