The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Chill Dragons

They meet up when
The air turns cold,
Playschool buddies,
Friends of old.

Huddled warm
And zipped up tight,
The city light.

Someone yells
The dragon code
And off they charge
Across the road.

Past the scary
Nightly things,
Swish of tail
And spread of wing.

Skidding on
The icy ground,
Muffled giggles
All around.

Nicknames flying,
Funny jokes,
Laugh so hard
You nearly choke.

In the air now,
Soaring higher,
One by one
They breathe out fire.

About the Writer

Ciara OConnor

Ciara O'Connor writes poems and middle-grade stories for children. In May, she won the Caterpillar Poetry Prize. She lives near the sea on the east coast of Ireland and she completely loves Christmas, especially those lazy 'in between' days when there's nothing to do but eat, sleep and talk to your dog.