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Poetry for Children

The Buff-tip Moth

Listen to Doryn's poem ... read by JH
Out in the woods with my dad
and my dog, I went looking for
a buff-tip moth.

I know it has a flat, buff-coloured
face and a buff-coloured patch at
the end of each wing.

When it sits without moving,
wings pressed against its back,
it pretends to be a broken twig.

I looked and looked,
touched every twig
that I could reach
but did not find
a single bug.

About the Writer

Doryn Herbst

Doryn, originally a scientist working in the water industry in Wales, now lives in Germany and is a deputy local councillor. Her writing considers the natural world but also social issues. Doryn has poetry in Fahmidan Journal, Metamorffosis Festival 2021, Bangor and forthcoming in Sledgehammer Literary Journal. She is a reviewer at Consilience science poetry journal.