The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Brand-new Christmas Tree

We bought a brand-new Christmas tree
of plastic all extruded.
with lights and bells and stars and stuff -
everything included.

We took it home and plugged it in,
expecting it to twinkle,
but it glowed so bright it made us blink -
then it began to tinkle.

The tinkle grew in volume
and it blared a Christmas song;
then it started whirling round and round,
booming on and on and on!

So we switched it off again
and returned it to the shop,
then we went and bought a real tree
with a Christmas star on top.

It’s got a bit of coloured tinsel,
and an ornament or two,
but that is all we need to say:
‘Merry Christmas to you.’

About the Writer

Graham Seal

Once upon a time Graham Seal won the high school poetry prize – probably because he had more poems in the school magazine than anyone else. Since then he’s continued writing books, articles, songs and poems, many published, many yet to be.