The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Boy Who Grew a Mane

When Ben was ten,
he thought, for a while,
I’ll grow my hair long,
have a different style.

So, Ben grew his hair, and nothing could stop him,
not wind, nor sun nor rain.
And it grew in big locks, right down his back,
just like he’d grown a real mane.

Unlike his friends,
whose hair was cut short.
Ben kept his growing,
just like it was sport.

Other kids laughed,
at all of his curls.
They teased and they pointed,
yes, the boys and the girls.

Except for one boy,
who knew how Ben felt.
For he too had been mocked,
for his hair like a pelt.

He stuck up for Ben,
as best friends will do.
And together they learned how,
they were stronger as two.

Two boys with a mane,
different from others.
Two boys with a mane,
together like brothers.

About the Writer

Alison Hramiak

Alison Hramiak is a part time poet and part time teacher educator living and working in Yorkshire. She has written poems from an early age and has been published in several Forward Poetry anthologies and also on various web sites funded by the Arts Council. She writes and blogs at . She reviews educational and historical writing, and also poetry anthologies, and has recently started performing at open mic sessions including at the Huddersfield Literature Festival.