The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Billy Goat

Listen to Shaun read his poem ...
Oh, ittle bitty billy goat
Quit chewing on my sleeve
Or I shall soon by shirtless
And the zoo will make me leave.

Dear Puckish, gruffish, bleating beast
Stop snacking on my jeans
Or I'll be rendered pants-less
And that would cause a scene.

My shoes and socks are not a treat
Stop nibbling at them so.
If mother sees me barefoot
She is sure to make me go.

You naughty little devil!
That's my sister, not a snack
And if you were to eat her up...
Never mind, I take it back.

About the Writer

Shaun Jex

Shaun is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He previously worked as editor and journalist for the Citizens' Advocate newspaper. His work has also appeared in publications like Celebrations Magazine and Old School Gamer Magazine.