The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Ballerina

Listen to Templeton Moss read his poem
How doth the cow (her name’s Maxine)
Prepare to do her dance?
She checks her face and hooves are clean
And dons her dancing pants.

Look! Her act is starting now.
She leaps and we go, “Ooh!”
Because we’ve ne’er yet seen a cow
Who does what Max can do.

She blows her audience a kiss
And gives a gracious bow,
This bovine ballerina, this
Fantastic dancing cow!

About the Writer

Templeton Moss

Templeton grew up in and around San Diego County, California in the U.S.A. He lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, but considers Disneyland to be his hometown. He started writing because he thought it would get girls to like him. He has written many plays, novels, short stories and poems and his hobbies include naps and cartoons. Templeton dislikes manual labour and country music.