The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Animal Book

Listen to Andy read his poem ...
I woke today with a bump on my head.
I must have fallen out of bed!

I stood at the mirror on the bathroom wall.
And I didn’t shout and I didn’t bawl

But I started and stared a moment or two
Before I exclaimed, ‘I don’t know you?!

Back in my bed I reached for the shelf
And picked out a book … in search of myself!

This page had a sketch of a spouting whale
And there on the next slid a slimy snail.

‘But I’m not any of these’, said I.
I’m not a snail or spider or fly;

I’m not that dove or this beautiful beaver;
I’m not a mouse or a bird called a weaver;

I’m not a snake or a fox or a bat;
I’m not a tiger as fierce as all that;

I’m not a goose, or giraffe or gnu;
I’m not a hippo come down with the flu!

I’m not an ostrich with its head in the sand;
I’m not an albatross miles from land.

At last I came to the book’s final page
And I didn’t cry and I didn’t rage –

A boy sat laughing under a tree
So I laughed back - that boy was me!!

So I can be found in the animal book.
I’ve marked the page where you can look

And I’ve left it safely under your bed
Should you wake one day with a bump on your head!

About the Writer

Andy Nuttall

Andy grew up in East Lancashire. He lives in the North-East of England where he works in social care. He has a children's poem currently published in Spellbinder Quarterly and has adult work showcased on the Iambapoet platform (Wave Six) curated by the poet Mark Antony Owen. He has appeared in Acumen Journal last year.