The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Te Gyda Tedi

Gwrandewch ar Rhiannon ...
Helo Tedi, Croeso, plîs eistedda lawr
Mae’n amser i gael paned a bwyta te’r prynhawn.

Wyt ti eisiau dechrau gyda brechdan ham?
Neu efallai rhywbeth melys, trïa brechdan jam!
Mae brechdan tiwna hefyd, a brechdanau caws,
Ti'n bwyta nhw i gyd? Penderfyniad haws!

Wedyn, peth mor bwysig, mae’n rhaid i ti gael cacen,
Efallai cacen lemwn? Neu siocled gyda hufen?
O reit, y ddau, da iawn, wyt ti bron â llwgu Tedi!
Dwi ddim yn credu wir bydd gen ti le am y bisgedi!
Ond, O, dwi’n anghywir, sori, dwi’n flin,
Ie, trïa un o bopeth a helpa dy hun.

I orffen, beth am ddiod. Wyt ti eisiau paned?
Coffi bach neu de? Pob diod ar y blaned?

Dwi’n hapus i weld ti’n mwynhau popeth Tedi,
Ti yw’r tedi mwyaf llwglyd yng Nghymru dwi’n credu!
Ond bwyta’n araf Ted! Dwi’n gwybod bod e’n flasus
Ond bydd bola tost da ti os naid wyt ti’n ofalus!

Hello Teddy, welcome, please do sit down
It’s time to have a cuppa and eat afternoon tea.

Would you like to start with a ham sandwich?
Or perhaps something sweet, try a jam sandwich!
There’s tuna sandwiches too, and cheese sandwiches…
You’re eating all of them? Easy decision!

Next, something so important, you must have cake,
Maybe lemon cake, or chocolate with cream?
Oh right, both, very good, you’re close to starving Teddy!
I don’t really believe that you will have space for biscuits
But, Oh, I’m wrong, sorry, I am sorry
Yes, try one of everything, help yourself.

To finish, what about a drink. Would you like a cuppa?
A little coffee or tea? Or every drink on the planet?

I’m happy to see you enjoying everything Teddy
I believe you are the most hungry teddy in Wales.
But eat more slowly Ted! I know that its tasty
But you will have a tummy ache if you are not careful!

About the Writer

Rhiannon Oliver

Rhiannon is an actress, writer, workshop leader and mum from Cardiff. She graduated from RADA in 2004 and has performed with companies such as Shakespeare’s Globe, The National Theatre, BBC and Sky 1. Rhiannon started sharing her poems in Spring 2021 and has upcoming publications in Nawr Magazine, and anthologies with Nine Pens Press and Arachne Press. In June 2021, she was named Spoken Word Runner-Up in Poetry for Good, a national poetry competition celebrating key workers. She has recently started writing poetry for children and is currently working on a rhyming middle grade adventure story.