The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Taxi's Waiting

Pack your bags; it’s time to go.
Taxi’s waiting down below.
Load the trunk and leave behind
All that did not come to mind.

Speed up streets to get there fast.
Hear your flight being called at last.
Reach your gate without delay,
Although you won’t take flight today.

If you’d slowed your pace before,
You might have noticed on the floor
Something that you’d left in haste:
Your passport, which had been misplaced.

About the Writer

Sarah Steinbacher

Growing up Sarah wanted to be a teacher, writer, mom, and lawyer and she considers accomplishing three out of the four a win. A former national curriculum writer with an Ed.D. in education, she now enjoys writing children’s books that don’t shy away from life’s ups and downs. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, three children, three cats, and a tortoise. Follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahSteinbac11