The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


A magpie used a flowerpot
to hide a seed,
and then forgot.

A yellow bloom now crowns a stalk,
with petals for
a beetle’s walk.

And when the flower bursts with seed,
how many birds
will this plant feed?

Picture by kind permission of Dayle Olson
Picture by kind permission of Dayle Olson

About the Writer

Dayle Olson

Dayle’s poems are inspired by watching birds and animals near the river town of Cathlamet, Washington. She recently was invited to read one of her poems at a Poetry Competition in Felixstowe, England. She likes to wear old-fashioned hats and have friends over for tea and biscuits. When she’s not being bossed around by two cats, Kitty and Town Crier, she enjoys drawing pictures with her grandchildren.