The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Summoning the Winds

My kite lies unmoving, the air is still,
If only I could conjure winds at will -
A breeze for my kite or a typhoon blow
A breath, a whisk, a zephyr that may grow,
Screaming down chimneys or soft on my face
Scourge of the sailor or wind turbine’s grace.
Mistral, Sirocco or roaring forties
I need a wind that makes global sorties.
Bring me a cyclone to launch my new kite,
Let me see the tail fly, feel the string bite.
Come winds of the world, come blow and come soon,
One breath, one gust, we could fly to the moon.
We could jump and jink and surf cloudy skies,
Pride of my heart, and apple of my eye -
Dance down the winds and swoop on the breeze
Skim over hedges and soar over trees.
Come whirlwind, tempest, hurricane and storm,
Come tiniest breath from which trade winds are born -
Take my kite with you, to fly with the birds -
A breeze on my cheek … will show I’ve been heard.

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Former primary teacher and school librarian, Kit is an enthusiastic reader and creative writer, who runs poetry workshops for children. Living in The Garden of England, she takes inspiration from everything – though the natural world and the children she is privileged to teach do feature. Her poetry has appeared here (The Dirigible Balloon), Parakeet Magazine and has been used in schools from Tonbridge to Bristol! One of her poems has recently been translated into Croatian on behalf of JAR a Juvenile Arthritis Research charity, very close to her heart! You can find her @Kit_weston1.