The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Summer Sorcerer

Listen to Fiona read Robert's poem ...
Last year, when autumn came around,
I cast a magic spell:
"May every leaf upon that tree
fall down!" And down they fell!

When winter came, here's what I said:
"Warm weather, time to go!"
And suddenly, a chill set in.
My yard filled up with snow.

When spring arrived, I thought it time
to test my magic powers.
"Snow, be gone! Warmth, return!"
My garden filled with flowers.

And now that summer's here at last,
my favorite spell of all:
I've made new leaves for when I cast
my spell to make them fall.

About the Writer

Robert Schechter

Robert‘s poetry for children has appeared in Highlights, Cricket, Spider, Ladybug, The Caterpillar, and numerous anthologies published by Bloomsbury, National Geographic, Macmillan, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Emma Press, Otter-Barry, and others. Robert also writes adult light verse and translations of poetry, and is the most recent winner of both the Willis Barnstone Translation Prize and the X.J. Kennedy Parody Award. His verse also appears in The Washington Post and The Spectator. He edits the children's poetry section of Better Than Starbucks. Check out his website: