The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Stuck in the Mud

I wandered lonely through the field
And came across some mud
The clouds just smiled and looked at me
Then whispered “yes, you should!”

I took a running jump and then
with one enormous leap
I landed in the muddy pool
And splashed some nearby sheep.

Disgusted, they just sloped away
Bemused by what I’d done
They glared with disapproving eyes
But I’d had so much fun!

I lifted up my foot to move
But found that I was stuck
My body wobbled backwards - SPLAT!
I’d fallen in the mud.

The squelchy, brown and oozy mud
Was all over my bum!
It covered all my hands and legs
And yet, I was not glum.

Some dancing daffodils close by
They grinned and laughed with me
They know the joy of outside play
So limitless and free.

About the Writer

Kirsty Tomlin

Kirsty writes and illustrates picture books, short stories and poems for children. She lives in beautiful Derbyshire with her three children and husband. She has been a primary school teacher in a past life and has worked for a number of children’s charities. When she is not writing and drawing, she can be found walking, playing, throwing stones in the river and reading to her lovely children.