The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Strange Birds

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
Last Monday, I strolled past a twisted old tree
when I noticed a turkey was glaring at me.

“Hey Turkey,” I called to the gobbling bird,
“How’s it going up there?” But he said not a word.

On Tuesday, I jogged by a goose on a wall.
I hollered, “Don’t fall!” But she cared not at all.

On Wednesday, I spotted a duck in a car.
That made me wonder if ducks can drive far.

On Thursday, an ostrich swam laps in the pool.
I tossed him some sunscreen and headed to school.

Friday was quiet. But then came a knock.
Can you guess who it was? A friendly peacock.

About the Writer

Julie Honan Johnston

Julie is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, where cicadas sing so loud in the summertime that people sometimes need to speak a little louder while having dinner outside. She now lives in Northern California where her two kids often provide dinnertime cicada-like noises. She writes children’s books, poetry, and other whimsies for people of all ages.