The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Stinky Sock

Tug my sock, it fits too tight.
Scoot it left, but it slips right.

Pull it up, it’s leaving lumps.
Press it smooth, still full of bumps!

Stinky sock! Start to frown.
Yank it off. Throw it down.

See it new. Hey, what about …
Perfect fit is … inside out!

About the Writer

Lauri C Meyers

Lauri C. Meyers writes for children from a homemade window nook in her New Jersey home. Her short stories and poetry have been published (or will be soon!) in Highlights High Five, Ember, Paperbound Magazine, Little Thoughts Press, Clubhouse, Jr., and others. You can find her worrying the squirrels are gossiping about her again and other nonsense at or @laurimeyers.