The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Squirrel High Rise

Listen to Janice's poem ...
Two round cozy nests
of twigs and leaves
in the highest branches
of a tall tall tree,
hovering over
the hills and town—
like fancy
penthouse apartments.

There is not one window,
none at all,
or an elevator
in the hall.

And squirrels don’t pay
even the smallest fee
for a cozy apartment
in a high rise tree.

About the Writer

Janice Scully

Janice is a retired doctor who enjoys poems about nature and science. She has an MFA from Vermont College and has had stories published in Highlights for Children. Her poems have been published in anthologies including THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITIDE, edited by Miranda Paul, and THINGS WE DO, Edited by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.