The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Attie ...
We have a patterned plate
on a high shelf
(not meant for food).
“From Greece!” Mum says.

We have a huge blue shell
of the sounds of the sea.
“From New Zealand!” Mum says.

We have a lady
made of smooth dark clay
and wisdom.
“From Africa!” Mum says.

We have a Nisse
in the Christmas box
his hat as pointy as a spire.
“From Norway!” Mum says.

We have a photo frame
big and colourful
but empty.
“For our next adventure!” Mum says.

About the Writer

Attie Lime

Attie Lime likes walking in fields, playing UNO, and new stationery. She has children’s poetry featured in Northern Gravy, Little Thoughts Press and Parakeet Magazine. Attie also enjoys nonsense poems and making up words. Twitter @AttieLime