The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Sonnet Moon

Listen to Debra's poem ... read by JH
Moon plays Mozart on Spring evenings
Feather-like notes
Tap at my window
Stirring my soul
Soothing my mind

Moon sings the blues on warm Summer nights
Sweet notes woven like gossamer
Creep through my window
Lull me to slumber
Until morning

Moon reads Kipling on crisp Autumn evenings
Whispers of roads forgotten
But alive still
Brush at my window
Hush me to sleep

Moon reads Shakespeare on Winter nights
Sonnets of love
Of passion
Pirouette at my window and
Capture my heart.

About the Writer

Debra Bertulis

Debra is a widely published children's poet and story teller, with a passion for inspiring children everywhere to fall in love with poetry. Her debut collection of poetry is publishing with Otter-Barry books in March 2022. Her work in schools is a particular joy, lighting sparks all around the UK with agencies Authors Abroad and Authors Aloud. She is a member of SCBWI and lives with her family in Herefordshire.