The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Someone with Fur

Someone so soft
sleeps in a loft.

Someone likes bugs
crawling on rugs.

Someone can stretch
trying to fetch.

Someone jumps high
chasing a fly.

Someone who naps
curls up on laps.

Someone will hide
playing inside.

Someone at night
sees without light.

Someone with fur
knows how to purr.

Someone like that
must be a cat.

About the Writer

Aneeta Brown

Aneeta read hundreds of rhyming books to her sons when they were small. Now she enjoys reading and writing to her four grandchildren. She has bachelor’s degree in journalism and her feature articles have been published in dozens of national and regional publications, including The Washington Post, St. Louis Post- Dispatch, Presbyterians Today, Family Circle, AKC Family Dog, and the national magazines of the Elks, Rotary, and Lions.