The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Sock Monkey

Listen to Nina reading her poem ...
My life is a bore -
I therefore withdraw.
Please enquire via Sock Monkey
(my agent).

When his socky jaws flap
like this - bap bap -
then well done!
You have gained his engagement.

He is silent of course
(well - duh - no vocal cords),
which makes him neither rude,
nor considerate.

What’s that? It appears
that he has no ears?
Ah yes.
That’s entirely deliberate.

About the Writer

Nina Parmenter

Nina lives in the Wiltshire Countryside and writes poetry for humans of all ages. Her children’s poetry has previously appeared here and in Better Than Starbucks, and her poetic offerings for adults can be found scattered through journals and books of all descriptions. Some of her flightier poems have unfortunately escaped, and she hopes to round these up from the flight deck of the Dirigible Balloon.