The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Snot Snails

Not a lot
of people know this
but snot
comes from snails
that live up your nose.
If you’ve got
a cold
their slime comes
oozing out
then drips
slowly down towards your lips.
When you blow your nose
the snails hide
inside your nostrils,
cling on tight
while you clear out
the slime and snot.
(That’s what
those little crusty bits are:
snot snail poo. It’s true.)
Next time you’ve got a cold
don’t mess about:
blow really hard
then see if you’ve got
the snot snails out.

About the Writer

Vicki Spreadbury

Vicki is a secondary school English teacher from South Cambridgeshire. She has been writing poetry on and off for almost as long as she can remember, and likes poems where the words pop out and surprise you. She lives with four rats, three children, two cats, one dog and a husband.