The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Slide Down a Sunbeam

Slide down a sunbeam,
taste a drop of rain,
splash in a puddle
in the middle of the lane.
Fly on a wind current,
nap on a cloud,
throw down a lightning bolt
and make the thunder LOUD.
Howl in the moonlight,
race among the stars,
captain a hot air balloon
all the way to Mars.
Navigate the oceans on a
boat of billowing sails,
conquer the gigantic waves,
befriend a pod of whales.
Sit atop a redwood tree
chatting with the birds—
What adventures you can have
with just a few good words!

About the Writer

Stacey Ramirez

Following a career in arts administration and grant writing, Stacey has leapt wholeheartedly into the world of children’s literature. A lover of books and nature, she is a poet at heart, seeing the world through the lenses of wonder and whimsy. Her favorite creatures are her three awesome grown children, her grumpy but adorable elderly dog, and the birds in her back garden. She also writes picture books that she hopes someday will make kids smile and say, “Again!”