The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Skies Begin to Darken

Alone, the library is still.
I pause my monographs,
And hold a globe that’s etched
With wizards, wands and staffs.

It grows in power before my eyes
Becoming hot and bright,
As mountains, oceans, poles appear
I’m spellbound at the sight.

Enchanted colors burst and bloom,
In range of shade and tint,
Refulgent yellows, scarlets, blues
So bright, I squeeze and squint.

Then the blues begin to darken
With marching bands of storms,
Whose infantries of hurricanes
Attack the globe in swarms.

The wicked winds of hate and pain
Propel the globe and me
Towards a vast and dark expanse
Where only dragons be.

About the Writer

Mark Starling

Mark lives and works in South Louisiana. His work has appeared in several publications.