The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


I wonder if my skeleton
likes staying out of sight
or if it’s sad it never gets
to bask in warm sunlight.

Would it like to be on show?
Is hiding not enough?
Does it want some freedom,
a chance to strut its stuff?

Or is it living happily
tucked here inside of me
quite content because it has
a hermit tendency.

It never thinks what it should wear -
it doesn’t have to choose.
It only has one outfit - me-
and always shares my shoes.

It doesn’t seem to care a bit
for looking in a mirror,
but when I’m looking at myself
it couldn’t be much nearer.

But though we’re close I’ll never look
my skeleton in the face
I’ll never take it by the hand
or give it an embrace.

But I will still look after it
and show it that I care.
I’ll do it, though we’ll never meet,
because I know it’s there.

About the Writer

Kate ONeil

Kate O’Neil lives in the Illawarra region of NSW and writes poetry for children and adults. Her poems appear in magazines such as The NSW School Magazine and The Caterpillar, and anthologies by Roger McGough, Roger Stevens, Matt Goodfellow, Mandy Coe and The Emma Press. In 2018 her ‘Cool Poems: the Kate O’Neil Reciter’, was published by Triple D Books Wagga Wagga.