The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Six Grinning Ghosts

Six grinning ghosts have come for tea
the tables set, two rows of three.
Came floating by all in a row
can see their bones and deathly glow.
It's such a weird unearthly sight
ghosts synchronising round the light.

Heads spinning as they sat on chairs
a chocolate cake appeared right there.
Then came six doughnuts, apple pie
but pizza caught their eyeless eye.
You hear their jaw bones crunch then munch
these grinning ghosts were a hungry bunch.

About the Writer

Marie Carmichael

Marie lives in a small town in central Scotland and enjoys long walks, coffee shops and swimming. Her poetry has been runner up in the Writing Magazine and commended through The Caterpillar competition. She has also been featured in an online anthology/blog Tickling-the-Ear; a course run by Michael Rosen. Regularly she attends two writing groups and an online book club.