The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Sidewalk Chalk and Daydreams

I got a fresh new box of sidewalk chalk
Now, I make art up and down the block

I draw some sunflowers and a starry night
Then a dino with a crown and an overbite

I scribble masterpieces all over the place
Like a man in a hat with an apple on his face

Or people at the park on a sunny day
Or a gold pocket watch slowly melting away

I could draw some little kids with great big eyes
Or a spooky sort of face ‘neath a red-orange sky

There’s no limit, there’s no end to what I can do
With just a bit of chalk and some daydreams too

About the Writer

Shaun Jex

Shaun is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He previously worked as editor and journalist for the Citizens' Advocate newspaper. His work has also appeared in publications like Celebrations Magazine and Old School Gamer Magazine.