The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Shoelace Stress

Is it over and under?
I’m in such a mess
Might be under and over
These laces cause stress

I know there’s a rabbit
I’m sure there’s a tree
Maybe some ears and
Steps one, two and three

My fingers are fumbling
My face is all hot
I don’t have a bow
Just a very tight knot

Shoemakers, please
Let me give you a tip
Make life more simple
And put in a zip

About the Writer

Hazel Knox

Hazel is a children’s poet, writer and occupational therapist based in Edinburgh. She was a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee in 2021 and her poems have been published in The Toy, Little Thoughts Press and Paddler Press. Her chapter book ‘The Night Pixie’ is out in 2024 with HB Publishing House. You can find her on X @hazel_knox / Instagram @hazelknox_writer /