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Seven Peas Sailed The Seas

Listen to Daniel's poem ... read by JH
Seven peas sailed the seas
Through misty clouds and fog
The seven sadly turned to six
When one was snapped up by a cod

Six peas sailed the seas
Amid the light and dark
The six soon sadly turned to five
When one was gobbled by a shark

Five peas sailed the seas
In the snow and hail
The five soon sadly turned to four
When one was slurped up by a whale

Four peas sailed the seas
On waves that were enormous
The four soon sadly turned to three
When one was eaten by a walrus

Three peas sailed the seas
Underneath the stars that shone
The three soon sadly turned to two
When one was gulped by a wobbegong

Two peas sailed the seas
In weather, dark and drab
The two soon sadly turned to one
When one was pinched out by a crab

One pea sailed the seas
The last one in his pod
And just before he reached dry land
Picture by Emma Clarke
Picture by Emma Clarke

About the illustrator, Emma Clarke: Emma is a writer of picture books. An adventurous country mumpkin, she is also a mum, teacher and a day dream believer.

About the Writer

Daniel Page

Daniel lives in Aylsham, Norfolk, and writes poetry for children about school life, history, science and the natural world. His work has been published in the ‘Places of Poetry’ anthology and several online journals.